The Memoto is a tiny camera and GPS with no controls that the user simply clips on to their clothing. It then captures every moment of their lives in photo key frames that can be searched, shared and revisited via a web service and phone app.

Memoto was founded by six Swedish entrepreneurs in 2012 with the aim of creating an innovative lifelogging device. “Our goal is to establish Memoto as the ultimate way to document meaningful moments in your own life history,” explains Martin Källström, CEO of Memoto.

“The Memoto device records your life as it unfolds, capturing spontaneous moments that you never could have caught with a traditional camera.”

The project began with the Memoto team travelling around the world interviewing lifeloggers, entrepreneurs, scientists and thought-leaders to find out what lifelogging means to them. They let them try out very early prototypes and gathered their thoughts.

With this comprehensive insight into what potential users would want from such a micro-device the team, which consists of entrepreneurs, industrial designers, electronics designers, iOS developers and engineers, set about developing a working prototype. The result is a 36 x 36 x 9 mm camera that automatically takes five megapixel resolution images every 30 seconds.

As well as the hardware, the software was just as important as the aim was for the photos to be organised and easily accessed in such a way that wasn’t complicated or overwhelming. Once connected to a user’s computer, the Memoto camera will automatically begin uploading the photos taken to the Memoto Web Service. This web service, with accompanying apps for iPhone and Android, catalogues the photos by time, date and place so that they can be easily searched and shared.

Although Memoto were able to fund the development process, it needed that extra boost to get it into production and so turned to the online crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.

The camera has a price tag of $279, yet it was offered to Kickstarter backers for $199. The support and interest generated through this Kickstarter campaign was quite staggering. “Naturally, we feel overwhelmed with the fantastic support and interest Memoto have had so far,” says Oskar Kalmaru, Memoto co-founder.

“When we launched the Kickstarter campaign we expected to raise around $50,000 but ended up over $550,000. The support we get from Kickstarter backers, early pre-order customers and fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, really motivates us to deliver a superb product.”

The Kickstarter campaign ended on 30 November 2012 and the Memoto team have been very busy since then getting the device ready for launch. “The current stage of the product is that we are testing it internally and are expecting to start external beta testings in a few weeks time. Then, in late March or early April, we will start sending review units to the media and in April we’ll start shipping the first batches to our (so far) 3000 early customers,” adds Kalmaru.

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