Designed by Danish company hippih, hipKey is a tiny crescent-shaped tracking accessory that uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with an iPhone or iPad.

The team behind hipKey wanted to create a device that offers peace of mind to users. “Most of us have left an iPhone or iPad in a bar or coffee shop and returned too late to find it gone. And who has not left the house in a hurry and forgotten their phone? Carrying a hipKey with you means this will never happen again,” says Danny van der Poel, CEO of hippih.

Hippih, a Copenhagen-based company that consists of artists, researchers, industrial designers and engineers, wanted to design a concept that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and highly functional. The end result is a 50mm x 7mm device with a robust anodised aluminium ring and soft-touch shell. The crescent shape prevents users from accidentally pressing keys when carrying the device in their hands, in a pocket, attached to a keyring or stowed away in a bag.

hipKey uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with an iOS app on a user’s iPhone or iPad and features four modes as standard: Alarm Mode, Motion Mode, Child Mode and ‘Find Me’ Mode. “While other devices may track your belongings, hipKey is the only device on the market that provides four unique functions in a practical, aesthetically pleasing device,” says van der Poel.

As well as mobile devices, hipKey can also be used to keep track of other valuables such as keys, bags or even children. Simply attach the device to the item, define the settings and hipKey will either use vibration or an audible alarm to notify the user when the device is moved outside of the specified range.

“My three-year-old daughter often gets lost when we are in public places. This used to really stress me out, but since I got hipKey I feel a lot better. I just put the hipKey in her pocket and the moment she is out of range I get a notification on my iPhone, which makes it so much easier to find her,” says one of the product testers, Gunilla Bergstrom.

Following a successful launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held earlier this year in Las Vegas, it was recently announced that hipKey is now available to purchase through Apple’s online stores as well as its retail stores throughout Europe, USA and Canada.

“We were thrilled with the response that hipKey’s US launch received at CES, and think selling the devices through Apple will only continue to elevate the device in the eyes of the consumer,” says van der Poel. “Apple customers demand the highest quality products in Apple Stores, and we are confident that hipKey’s four unique features and eye-catching design will exceed their expectations, both in form and functionality.”

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