Established in 2006 and organised by the Beijing Industrial Design Center (BIDC), the China Red Star Design Award for 2012 was held in Beijing in December. A total of 5348 products from 1270 enterprises, covering 25 countries, were featured, with 154 enterprises winning the final awards.

The event is promoted highly in China and works to foster national and international collaboration of design, while also boosting the development of the industry through accelerated integration of design and manufacturing.

The Best of the Gold Prize winner was Fire-fighting Robot (manufactured by Shanghai Guluxuan Industrial Design Co. Ltd and designed by Suzhou HANDLER Special Vehicle Co. Ltd). The Fire-fighting Robot is a vehicle used for fighting fires that can be operated via remote control to spray mist, water and foam, and also remove smoke. It is able to reach dangerous places, which both protects firefighters and improves efficiency.

There were nine Gold Prize winners, including LG6210E Hydraulic Excavator (manufactured by Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd and designed by Volvo Group Design Center – Shanghai). The LG6210E is the first hydraulic excavator in the Chinese market specifically designed for the construction machinery industry. The high-precision power management system provides unprecedented fuel efficiency for its segment, while the parts are designed to reduce the total energy consumption.

Also receiving a Gold Prize was Cocoon – Zero-energy Sale center of Tianjin Vone Shangbei Legacy Homes (manufactured by Tianjin Eco-City Wantuo Properties Limited and designed by Mochen Architects & Engineers). The only entry to merge architecture and design, it promotes sustainable development and assists in ecological solutions, with features such as solar energy and an environmental system. The ‘tree-style’ structure eliminates the need for pillars, saving space while creating an impressive visual effect.

There were also nine Silver Prize winners, including the Airflow Inflatable outdoor backpack system (manufactured by Fujian Kolumb Outdoor Equipment Co. Ltd and designed by Fujian Kolumb Outdoor Equipment Co. Ltd). A backpack system for outdoor buffs, it uses air as the primary cushioning filler, replacing the traditional EVA and sponge material, reducing backpack weight. Adopting the concept of grading support, it cushions and supports simultaneously.

Another Silver Prize winner was MiOne (manufactured by Xiaomi Corporation and designed by Liu De). A smartphone with 1GB RAM, eight megapixel camera, Adreno 220 processor, 1930mAh-capacity lithiumpolymer battery, it aims to address the DIY capability of the high-level mobile phone enthusiast, with customisable components. The product supports a 1.5GHz dual-core chip, powered by the dual-partition update system.

Winners participate in a domestic and international exhibition tour and media reporting. The full list of award winners can be viewed at the Red Star Award site.

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