Studio Proper has created PA1: the first wall-mountable Bluetooth speaker with a room-to-room mount system, interchangeable covers and big room-filling sound. The stylish minimalism of the unit, coupled with the portability, allows it to be seamlessly integrated into any room in any environment.

With simple functionality, the device has one simple on/off button, and it pairs via Bluetooth to users’ smart phones, tablets and computers – in less than a minute – regardless of operating systems. It is able to pair with up to five devices, so there’s no need to reconnect every time, creating effortless usability. The unit delivers a full-stereo, high-quality sound through its compact aluminium housing component, which allows for deep bass and warm mids, and is described by Studio Proper as a ‘modern-day jukebox’.

“We’ve been busy designing a new line product that elevates the everyday experience of audio, that can be easily shared,” explains Alon Tamir, director of Studio Proper. “PA1 is a speaker for everyone. Its technology and function is simple to understand and use, making sure everyone can enjoy its features without hassle.”

The PA1 has been designed alongside the Wallee wall-mount system and table stands, which are also from Melbourne-base start-up Studio Proper. The speaker system is modular in its ability to be securely connected to the Wallee table stand or wall mount, so it can be easily moved from room to room, wall to desk, with a simple turn-and-click motion, making it easy to transfer around the home – or commercial environment – to match lifestyle requirements.

“It also looks good!” adds Tamir. Aesthetically designed, the device is minimal yet bold, with an anodised aluminium back casing and interchangeable front mesh covers – available in black or white, allowing for personalisation. The bespoke cross-weave cable is a finishing touch to the unit’s elegance.

The PA1 campaign was launched through the crowd-funded website Kickstarter and has raised more than $39,000 to date.


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