Local Projects of New York was engaged by the Cleveland Museum of Art – which is currently in the process of a $350 million expansion – to assist in the task of finding new ways to grow audiences and engage visitors with art and the museum through technology. The result is a design by Gallery One, which recently won a SEGD Award.

Gallery One is a suite of new interactives that completely transform the art-museum experience for museum-goers, both young and old, and, as one jury member commented, “invites visitors to engage the art in new and dynamic ways”.

The interfaces in Gallery One are experiences that invite visitors to understand art, as well as the art-making process, via play, creativity and intuition. Over 16,000 square feet (4877 square metres), visitors are able to explore digital versions of the artworks on display in a way that allows them to gather new ideas while also seeing the original context of the artworks themselves.

A huge interactive wall displays all 3000 artworks at the same time and invites museum-goers to curate their own experiences by exploring the connections that exist between the artworks, while a new iPad app allows visitors to experience custom tours, taking either the director’s tour or a tour made by another visitor.

The traditional design of the gallery means that those who aren’t fans of technology are able to bypass the digital displays, yet will not miss out on the art gallery experience.

Visitors are able to gain a new understanding of the creative process as they view the artworks and also create their own works of art. Interactive games allow the audience to put their own bodies in the experience by matching poses with figurative sculptures and browse the museum’s collection by making different facial gestures.

“This project is an example of seamless integration of a compelling digital experience into an art museum environment,” said another jury member. “Its design truly succeeds in not only getting new audiences to appreciate the art, but drives them to look deeply and engage with the works in new ways.”

Images by Local Projects

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