SEGD’s foremost digital innovation event, Xlab, connects design, technology and communication in the built environment. This year’s lab, titled Experience + Interaction in Public Space, is a one-day event occurring on October 24 at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens.

It’s clear that new and emerging technologies are radically altering the way the population behaves and the way it perceives and uses public spaces. The question is: are these changes for the better?

Xlab 2013 will explore this theme, as well as the evolving nature of public-space interaction and how experiences can be designed to channel exciting new technologies, inspiring people to look past their devises and reconnect with the world around them.

“Remember when we were all wondering what we would do with the ability to connect to the internet via our mobile phones? It was not that long ago, but now we can’t do without it,” says Clive Roux, CEO of SEGD, who believes it is an exciting time to explore the connection between digital technology and the built environment.

“The built environment is just entering that stage of finding the applications that make the most sense for people. Xlab is our platform for exploring the cutting edge of this interaction between people and place,” says Roux.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Laura Kurgan – Spatial Information Design Lab, Columbia University
  • Anthony Townsend – Institute for the Future, New York University
  • Sam Stubblefield – NBBJ Studio 7
  • Jeff Grantz – Materials & Methods
  • Anthony Vitagliano – Digital Kitchen
  • Mark Foster Gage – Gage, Clemenceau Architects
  • Eli Kuslansky – Unified Field
  • David Benjamin – The Living, Columbia University

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