Melbourne’s top design event for the year – agIdeas International Design Week, is offering a packed program for creative minds across the design, marketing, business and design education sectors.

“We have worked with our international advisory panel to bring together the some of the best speakers for our audiences. Not only do our audiences gain invaluable insights, but our guests too gain from meeting each other and sharing their stories and experiences,” says Ken Cato, Creative Director, agIdeas.

“We consistently strive, and I believe, achieve a design week that is international and is one of the best on the world stage. It is a privilege to be involved in this wonderful event.”

This year agIdeas will be hosted at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, National Gallery of Victoria and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. The program starts on Monday 29 April and concludes on Friday 3 May 2013.

Highlight events

agIdeas Advantage: Business Breakfast
Thursday, 2 May, 7–10am

A business breakfast that presents case studies on the tangible benefits of design and using design as an effective tool for business. The breakfast is a popular networking event for designers and marketers.

This year’s guest speakers are both industrial designers – John Barratt, president and CEO of global industrial design consultancy Teague, and Dan Formosa, founding member of the cutting-edge industrial design studio Smart Design.

Barratt and Formosa will share their thoughts and experiences as they expand on the theme of ‘defining innovation’ and what it means in the business world, and will explore applied design thinking and creativity.

International Design Forum: agIdeas Design Intelligence
Wednesday, 1–3 May

This three-day conference presents 40 design leaders who will share their design insights and experiences with an audience of more than 2500 designers, general public and tertiary students daily.

agIdeas Research Conference, Design for Business and Industry: International Research Conference
Tuesday, 30 April

The last major event in the program, this one-day conference provides design and business researchers, educators and practitioners with the opportunity to present peer-reviewed research papers on the theme ‘Design as a strategic resource: adding value to business and industry’.

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