BERG, the designers behind the Little Printer, have unveiled their latest wirelessly connected product – a charming cuckoo clock with tiny mechanical birds that react to the activity of an individual Twitter account.

The first connected product BERG launched last year was the Little Printer, which featured in Issue 40 of the magazine. This miniature printer sits in the user’s home and once or twice a day prints out news from the web via a wireless connection.

Following its success, BERG has now teamed up with Twitter UK. The brief was to create a Twitter-powered cuckoo clock that not only provides an intelligent and useful experience for the user but is also surprising and delightful.

“We wanted to create something that alerts you in a unique and enchanting way when someone replies, retweets or when you get a new follower,” describes Jean Chow, Twitter UK’s product marketing manager.

As only 10 #FLOCKS were going to be made, BERG decided to embody a craft aesthetic and build each one by hand. Each set consists of four houses, three of which contain colourful birds that react to the Twitter triggers by popping out of their houses in a different way. The fourth house is a simple clock. Optional birdsong can also be triggered and controlled by a volume dial.

Each #FLOCK connects wirelessly using BERG’s recently released BERG Cloud Dev Kit. Essentially, this kit consists of the same technology, tools and user interface that it used to deliver Little Printer and is now available to anyone who wants to build and share their own connected products for home and business.

“The BERG Cloud Dev Kit is the latest step in our mission to make developing connected hardware products as easy and cost-effective as developing for the web,” explains Matt Webb, CEO of BERG.

With #FLOCK, the project team coupled the BERG Cloud platform and dev boards with off-the-shelf electronic components and standard prototyping parts. The BERG Cloud Dev Kit enables the configuration and control of the bird’s behaviour to happen in the ‘Cloud’ with remote choreography via a Twitter account. Users are able to configure #FLOCK to react to different triggers or to unsubscribe and resubscribe to different Twitter accounts.

Twitter UK were very pleased with the end product and felt that it encapsulates the delight and joy of Twitter. Each limited-edition clock will now be awarded to an individual or brand that Twitter UK feel are demonstrating the most creative use of Twitter.

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