Dutch industrial designer Robert Bronwasser (pictured above), who set up his Amsterdam-based design studio Smool Design in 2002, once again returned to the Milan Furniture Fair this year to showcase his latest work at Ventura Lamrate 2013, which included a personal television concept called Homedia.

Smool was one of the hundreds of exhibitors at the Milan Furniture Fair (or the Salone Internazionale del Mobile), an annual home furnishing trade shows that took place from 9 to 14 April 2013. During these five days over 300,000 visitors descended onto the Italian city of Milan in search of the latest trends and innovations.

Smool’s exhibit was called ‘Enjoy everyday design’ and all the product’s on the stand showcased Bronwasser’s design vision, which is based around creating recognisable, pleasurable and tangible everyday objects. “I design functional products that are simple, logical and easy to use,” he explains. “Meaningful design that will allow people to grow attached to its functional benefits and its aesthetic signature.”

Television is one such everyday object he has redefined. Homedia is a television set covered in fabric that the user can personalise to compliment their interior. “Watching TV is a social phenomenon. We love it. But while the number of channels in the past 20 years has quadrupled, the industrial design of the TV exterior has not evolved,” explains Bronwasser.

“The average telly is a technical black shrine constructed of hard plastic. And the worst part is: its uninspiring form is dominating our interior. In contrast, the Homedia concept redefines the definition of ‘television’, crossing its technical functions with it future role in the home decor.”

Smool also showcased Q-scooter, an urban electric scooter concept for the Dutch mobility brand QWIC. “The Q is a vision of individual transport brought back to an original form. It’s convenient, lightweight and practical. The frame is the spine, the open space under the saddle enables the driver to carry personal luggage, and removable batteries ensure flexibility,” describes Bronwasser.

As well as launching a number of other concepts at Milan, including kitchen utensils, a bucket and a range of kitchen products such as a toaster, juicer and kettle, Smool also displayed a collection of commissioned work for Dutch brands including an armchair and table accessories for Gispen, wall panels for Cascando, a watering can for Goods and ceramic clock for Leff Amsterdam.

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