Item Industrial Design has a team of designers and engineers with more than 20 years of professional experience including public transport design. 

The Neo Volt bike was designed for BH Bikes. The new model completes the BH range of e-bikes, and was recently launched at Eurobike 2012.

The bike has a patented folding system, that allows you to fold the bike into three different positions, with the press of a button  - one to open the bike for pedalling; two, to shorten the frame when you need to walk the bike in a subway, pedestrian area or wheel it into an elevator, on your way to work; and last of all to fold and release the front wheel so you pack it into the boot of a car (or wherever else you need to store it).

“We wanted to create a pure urban e-bike able to  accommodate the different scenarios and challenges that a city offers as you move through it,” says Javier Cuñado Landa, Managing Director of Item Industrial Design, based in Bilbao, Spain.

This gives the Neo Volt more flexibility than most bikes, and gives riders the ability to store and transport the bike more easily.

The bike has a 250 watt motor and has a generous battery that makes it last for more than 90 kilometres. The battery is removable, like other models in the Neo range for BH, allowing for convenient recharge at home or in the office.

This video shows how the Neo Volt e-bike folds into various positions with the push of a button.

Item Industrial Design also designed the Electric Bike BH Emotion Neo released in 2011. An electric bike with the battery and control equipment hidden in the chassis and the E-move electric bike for urban bike rental. 

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