Inkarnation – Tattoo & Lifestyle is a leather-bound coffee-table book – published by Feierabend Unique Books, Germany – celebrating the passion and lifestyle of the tattoo culture.

Those repeat tattoo-parlour offenders who’ve experienced the sweet thrill of the inking needle understand it. Tattooing is more than just an ordinary art form – it’s a culture – and, as such, Inkarnation is no ordinary tattoo book. Packaged almost piously like a book of prayers, it’s a testament to the passion, culture and lifestyle of tattooing.

With a broad selection of premium photography from first-rate photographers from around the globe, tattoo culture is depicted in high-res images, featuring artists, pin-ups, musicians and people of all persuasions with one common feature – attitude.

Edited by Dirk Behlau and with a foreword by anti-hate motivational speaker the Scary Guy, the 320 stunning photographs take the reader on a journey – leagues away from the cutsie-pie hearts and butterflies of light-weight tattooees – and into the hardcore rock’n’roll world of true tattoo society.

Tattoos are as unique as the individuals who are imprinted with them, and this love, passion and colour is showcased in 302 pages. Highly visual, the images in Inkarnation should be seen to be fully appreciated. Look inside the cover for a visual feast of the art of inking or check out the video to see the attitude behind the book's inspiration.

Inkarnation is available in two leather-bound editions. The standard Black Edition (€48) and the White Edition (€98).

The White Edition, strictly limited to 100 numbered copies, has gilt edges, is signed by Dirk Behlau and is set to become a collectors’ item. It also comes with a limited-edition T-shirt featuring the skull image shown on the book cover, which is designed by hydro74, as well as a CD sampler.

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