iPadCorkCase, designed by Portuguese design studio pomm, is a unique and sturdy slipcase that veers away from blingy, plasticy and über-shiny case designs that seem to be flooding the iPad accessory market – rather, made of natural, environmentally friendly cork, it provides a refreshing eco-conscious alternative for protecting your iPad

Elegant and with a modern look, the iPadCorkCase is inspired by a merging of geometric shapes. Self-described as simple and visually interesting, the purpose of the design was to take into account daily transportation and protecting your iPad from the bumps and knocks of everyday life.

The designers wanted to create something that was entirely new on the market and something that would revolutionise the standard products out there. Several models were developed in the design stage in order to allow for refinement.

pomm chose cork due to its excellent properties – durability, versatility, impact resistance, shock absorption and water resistance. The modelling is simple yet chic, while the material is green and fully recyclable.

The case is made of two cork parts. A slipcase, the iPadCorkCase has a simple slit opening at the top and a small cut-out at the bottom so that the iPad can be easily slid in and out with a fingertip.

An internal grip material helps to keep the iPad in place inside the case, while preventing it from accidentally slipping out of the cover, even when upside-down.

Designed for iPad 3, pomm has produced 4000 limited-edition units.

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