London-based product designer and architect Ron Arad is widely celebrated for his inventive and lighthearted designs. He felt that the field of glasses was lacking innovation, which led him to set up his latest venture – pq Eyewear.

“New ideas are important … most glasses look like glasses, but there is room for something new as well. That’s what pq is here to do,” he explains.

Originally from Israel, Arad is known for pushing the boundaries. His aim with pq was for the glasses to be playful and expressive of the wearers’ personalities, while – importantly – also being reliable and of a high quality.

“Most glasses look so serious but not everyone wants to look or be completely serious,” says Arad. “pq has some serious frames and is serious about its frames but is not a fully-signed-up member of the serious club. It plays a little on the outside.”

As an example of this playfulness, Arad says that the reason for choosing the brand name ‘pq’ is because when the letters are placed next to each other, they look like a pair of glasses! 

The first in the range is the A-Frame, which features an A-shaped wire structure in the middle of the frame that the wearer can adjust so that the glasses can fit their face perfectly.

“It’s about designing frames that allow you to tweak them,” says Arad. “No two heads are the same size and shape; no two noses are the same size and shape – and sometimes noses grow over time.”

The second in the range, Corbs, is inspired by well-known designer Le Corbusier, who was well-known for his big, black, round glasses.

Sculpted from a single block, Corbs features an unconventional hinge derived from the patterns of animal vertebrae, doing away with the conventional pin and socket hinge.

With his distinctive new brand, Arad hopes to make his mark on the eyewear industry.

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