If you’re reading this while sitting at your desk in a spine-bending, slouched position, read on. Pedro Gomes’ Bounce Chair could definitely be for you. A unique concept in seating design – inspired by the Pilates ball – it offers a fresh take on the traditional posture chair.

With a ball-like base, Bounce Chair adopts the functionality of the Pilates ball, yet is packaged in a stylish contemporary design, looking somewhat like a cross between a gym ball and a designer carry basket.

The Pilates-like seating structure means that it’s constantly pushing the body into an upright position to keep the spine in alignment, while also keeping the sitter balanced at all times.

Unlike conventional office chairs, which rock back and forth, the Bounce Chair rolls and springs smoothly with the subtle movements of the sitter, which, in addition to strengthening core muscles while the user works at their desk, also allows for a more stimulating stance throughout the day.

The handle-like backrest is designed, not to be reclined against, but, rather, to force the body into an upright position to align with the vertical axis of the chair. This keeps the weight of the body aligned with the rotation centre of the chair,preventing the user from stooping over into a slumped position, which can cause damage and strain to the back.

As well as improved posture, the constant, subtle movement also creates better blood flow, which has been well proven to improve focus, stimulate thinking and promote calm.

Inspired by the Pilates ball, Bounce Chair offers a funky and unique take on the ergonomic office posture chairCreated by internationally awarded and published designer Pedro Gomes, the chairwas conceptualised to reflect a balance between cutting-edge product design and ergonomics that help to improve to the human condition, creating a dynamic relationship between comfort and wellbeing.

Currently in development, Bounce Chair is made with sustainable materials and comes in a range of different patterns and shades, making it totally customisable for the user. In addition, the removable seat cushion allows of handy internal storage.

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