The judging was conducted over several days. Products were awarded with the quality red dot seal for outstanding product design and honourable mentions were given to stand-out product solutions.

62 outstanding products representing 1.37 per cent of all entries won a red dot: best of the best – the highest honour in the program.

The 30 strong jury panel evaluated and tested each product over several days, from a group of 4515 entries, live and on-site in Essen, Germany. 1800 companies and designers submitted their products for judging.

More than 200 young designers applied for the 50 free registrations offered this year for the red dot award: product design 2012, as part of the red dot young professionals program, and 17 talented designers have been awarded.

Reflecting on the 2012 awards, the founder of  red dot,  Professor Dr Peter Zec said, “Companies have realised that investing in design offers a considerable added value. In the end, the design of a product is the most important incentive for the purchase decision of a consumer.”

The awards will be celebrated on 2 July at the red dot gala evening in the Aalto-Theatre and opera house in Essen, Germany. Over 1000 designers and company executives are expected to attend.

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