The Premier’s Design Awards celebrate Victoria’s design capabilities and businesses that invest in design, by highlighting design’s contribution to business success through increased market share, financial value and sustainability, and environmental and social outcomes.

The awards demonstrate new insights or ways of thinking that enable design to be effectively applied in a business.

Applications will be judged by a panel comprising international and interstate design leaders – led by Melbourne-based design icon Ken Cato.

The panel comprises international and interstate design leaders from product design, graphic design and service design, to interior and landscape design and industrial design.

The judging panel comprises:

- Ken Cato (Victoria, Australia) – Chairman at Cato Purnell Partners, with an international profile in corporate and brand management and design;  

- Richard Seymour (United Kingdom) – one of Europe’s best-known product designers; 

- Mauro Porcini (USA) – Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo and formerly Chief Design Officer at 3M; 

- Apex Lin (Taiwan) – Professor, Department of Visual Design, National Taiwan Normal University, widely regarded as the most influential image-maker and design educator in Taiwan andmulti-award winning communications graphic designer; 

- Gabriela Rodriguez (Mexico) – Director of VERDMX, a collaborative environmental and communication design initiative between government, business, educators and the community, and an internationally awarded graphic designer; 

- Alex Ritchie (Australia) – Creative Director and co-founder of experience design consultancy, e2; 

- Jane Stark (Australia) – founder and Principal Designer of Stark Design; an interior and landscape designing consultancy with local and international clients; 

- Murray Hunter (Australia) – founder and Chief of Design + Industry, a product design and engineering consultancy; 

- Robert Tiller (Australia) – founder and CEO of Tiller Design, a Sydney based industrial design consultancy, specialising in turnkey product design and development; 

- Annette Harcus (Australia) – founder of Harcus Design, a multi-disciplined design studio. 

The diversity of the judging panel brings together a collective of design perspectives to judge the prestigious awards program, as well as strengthening the national and international profile of the awards.

This year, in addition to users of design nominating leading design projects, individual designers can also nominate themselves. 

A maximum of five Premier’s Design Awards are offered. Winners will be entitled to use the Premier’s Design Mark as part of their visual branding.

The Premier's Design Awards will be announced on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 in conjunction with the announcement of the Melbourne Design Awards.

For further information, including details of how to apply visit 

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