Design firm Lunar Europe in collaboration with Green City - Munich, and the University of Wuppertal have created - mo. Mo is a clever concept created for a flexible user-centred system for urban mobility. 

In a conceptual stage at the moment, the mo system combines bike rental systems, local public transport and car sharing for the city of Munich. 

As in all major cities around the world, escalating emissions from congested roads are causing big problems in the city.  

So this collaboration between designers, environmentalists and local government shows how working together can create a relevant and practical solution.

The mo system is an eco solution to the increasing urban mobility problem. It combines bicycle sharing, car-rental and public transport ticketing all in one centralised system - providing sustainable transport choices for all.

The complete mo-bility story is covered in the current edition of Curve.

Subscribers -  read the full story in Issue 38, and view the story online in the archives.

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