Each chair is made from 157 high-density polyethylene milk bottles. The Calcium furniture range is clean and white, just like milk and the ubiquitous white plastic milk bottles familiar to local residents in Queensland, Australia, where the designer is based.

The recycled bottle plastic is hard-wearing and resistant to ultra-violet light, making the Calcium furniture great for outdoor use in hot climates.

“The high-density polyethylene milk bottle material we have used is from recycled post-consumer waste, and can be recycled again, is durable and UV resistant,” says Bird.

“It is our responsibility as designers to ensure the products we create don’t just end up as landfill or are left on the side of the road.”

The Calcium collection includes a lounge chair, barstool, dining chair, tables and an ottoman.

Perfect for the minimal white poolside look, while keeping plastic bottles off the streets and out of the ocean.

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