Each egg has been designed to raise funds for The Big Egg Hunt, an event organised to raise money for two charities, Elephant Family and Action for Children,  in the lead up to Easter.


The event is aiming to raise over a million pounds to help support the work of the two charities.

Each of the eggs will be sold at an auction managed by Sotheby’s to the highest bidder, and proceeds will go directly to the charities.

One of the many artists involved, Benjamin Shine, talks about his clever Egg Letter Box design.

“I wanted to create a design that relates to the London setting, that should be memorable and stand out and help the promotion of the campaign, and ultimately appeal to buyers at the auction,” explains Shine.

“British red post box designs are well known but it was great to study the many variations and to extract some of those iconic details and scale them to work within the distinctive egg shape.

“As the eggs are 80cm tall, every millimetre was important in scaling, distorting and placing the details. Aside from the surreal appearance, the piece has actually been designed to function as a letterbox too.

“The vinyl printed notice panel can also be removed and replaced with a custom text version if the end user wants something more personal.”

For more information see http://www.thebigegghunt.co.uk.

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