Kauko is Finnish for remote control. It's also the name of a seemingly normal looking cafe serving coffee and cakes in Finland's capital city, Helsinki, during the city's World Design Capital celebrations.

After a brief visit, it becomes clear that Kauko is not so normal! The tables and chairs move up and down, the lighting changes and the music alters.

The interactive pop-up cafe is part of a campaign to encourage people, who are not interested in design, to become more aware of how design can make everyday life better - even in a cafe.

The designers of Kauko, hasan & partners and creative studio, Perfect Fools, are inviting visitors to the youdesign.fi site to reshape the cafe interior by adjusting chairs, tables, lighting and music via a website.

During 2012 people are also being asked to report any badly working things on the World Design Capital 's mobile app.

To participate in Kauko go to www.youdesign.fi

Find more information about Helsinki - World Design Capital 2012

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