Nineteen international design experts from design consultancies, corporations and universities have been chosen to judge the awards.

The jury will be chaired by Nokia’s Rhys Newman. Newman is head of the advanced projects team for Nokia - a multidisciplinary team based in Helsinki and Los Angeles.

“Great design makes sense and makes complex things tangible, beautiful and meaningful,” says Newman. “IDEA represents a genuine recognition of quality, impact and influence of great design not just for what design is now, but for the value design will have in the future.”

Newman established the strategic projects team at Nokia, to bring design to the core of Nokia’s corporate strategy and business development.

Commenting on the 2012 jury, Newman said, “We hand picked each juror for their combination of expertise that spans many different industries and design specialties. With online and hands-on judging and evaluation, the IDEA jury will choose who will be this year’s honourees.”

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