Seymourpowell has developed a series of new products in the olleh range for Korea’s leading telecoms provider kt (Korea Telecom), in addition to delivering a comprehensive product identity across kt’s entire olleh suite of 56 products.

With such a large number of product types – from remote controls to smartphones; USB modems to satellite dishes – which are all designed and manufactured by different business units, Seymourpowell’s goal was to implement consistency across the olleh range. By interpreting the core product values of the brand, Seymourpowell was able to develop a single product identity.

In addition, and to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new product identity, they also designed 14 new products within the olleh range, which include a wifi phone, landline phone, tablet, remote control, wibro USB modem, security camera, power adaptor, connector cables, cable tidy, domestic 3G repeater and public wifi modem.

“The scale of kt’s ambitions is really unprecedented,” said Seymourpowell Associate Design Director Matthew Cockerill. “The work was a creative and technical challenge, to deliver an identity that could deliver aesthetically pleasing products across such a diverse portfolio of products whilst respecting their component constraints, ergonomic considerations and product category conventions. Ultimately the success of the product identity will be judged by the products it helps define.”

A core feature of the brief was the development of kt’s home networking devices, which are made up of an internet modem, home hub and set-top box. Currently in the process of being developed for production, these products won a red dot award for design concept in the entertainment category.

They also received the ‘Best of the Best’ red dot award for design concept in the productivity category for the design of the packaging associated with the home networking devices. With a focus on minimising materials and encouraging reuse of the box, the unique component of the packaging design is that once the product is delivered to the home, the box can be turned inside out to form an unobtrustive container to tuck away ugly cables in home and office spaces.

kt received the red dot award in communication design for editorial and corporate publishing for their sleek brochure that communicates the olleh products.

“We were lucky to have partnered with such skilful design partners as Seymourpowell,” said Yung Kim, Senior Executive Vice President of kt. “We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to work with and they never stop impressing us with their passion and commitment to the project.”

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