In an effort to rid the world of sparkle and bling, and the faux brand logos that seem to be dominating the not-always-fashionable smartphone case market, The Dairy are working to bring back an individual, one-off, personalised approach to phone covers.

By using the highest quality 3D patented inks, detailed images are embedded at 150 degrees into the layers of each phone case. This gives intricate and colourful images a clear and permanent photographic quality on your phone case.   

The cover designs are printed in Australia, under strict quality control guidelines. In-house designs range from historical masterpieces to pop art. The group has also collaborated with designer and artist, Keren Brown, and fashion photographer, Henryk Lobaczewski, to create a select range of covers.

As an extension of their current range and offering, The Dairy will soon be introducing a ‘create your own’ option. This will allow you to print your own personal artwork, images or photographs onto your phone cover.

So as an extension of your personal phone and data, you will be able to encase your phone in your own personalised imagery or artwork. A totally personalised and artistic package – maybe a whole new art form!

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