Phoenix Design in Germany have created a new set of writing instruments, using a traditional aesthetic, and natural materials – to encourage people to take up pen and paper.

The high-quality writing set called Slim, consisting of a retractable pencil and a ballpoint pen, was designed for Berendsohn AG, and was launched as part of Berendsohn’s Blue Line range, a collection of durable and sustainable premium writing instruments. 

“Our design makes reference to the traditional Japanese ink brush, which appeals to all the senses, and reinterprets it,” states Tom Schönherr, managing partner at Phoenix Design.

The thickened tactile grip area of the pencil and pen resembles a brush. “We’re using digital tools more and more. That’s exactly why we wanted to set something traditional against this,” says Schönherr.

The pencil and pen were meticulously crafted and designed to fit perfectly in the hand, and make the art of writing an enjoyable and emotional experience.

The set is made from German maple wood certified by the WWF and polished aluminium.

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