Red dot is accepting applications from 50 young design professionals to participate in the red dot product design awards on 18 December for a 24 hour period starting at midnight CET. Participants in the promotion are drawn randomly to ensure places are allocated fairly.

Apply here

Designers who have obtained their academic qualifications within the past 5 years can apply for free entry during the 24 hours.

Red dot’s aim is to give young design professionals opportunity to gain exposure on the world design stage, via this unique entry method for the red dot:product design 2013.

Young design professionals who are awarded a red dot distinction are supported with a winner’s package, including the use of the red dot label for their awarded product and representation in the red dot museum and red dot online exhibition.

Winners of the quality seal are introduced in the red dot design yearbook, a respected reference for the latest in product design.

In the 2012 program, 17 talented young designers won awards. British designer Mathias Hahn, was the first young professional to win a red dot: best of the best award. This is the highest award level in the red dot competition, and is only awarded to ground-breaking products of the highest calibre.

The innovative form language of Hahn’s floor and table light, Jinn, for Slovenian manufacturer Vertigo Bird, impressed the judges and won him the highest honour.

The red dot design award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. The quality red dot seal for outstanding design is awarded by an international and independent expert panel in the categories of product design, communication design and design concept.


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