To celebrate Curve’s 40th print edition and the launch of Curve for iPad, we asked Richard Seymour, co-founder and design director at Seymourpowell in the UK, and other high-profile design experts from around the world, what they think will be the ‘game-changers’ in industrial design and product development in the next two to five years.

Seymour explains the future as he sees it: 

“There’s a storm coming. The design world as we know it is separating into the Polymaths and the Guilds. The Polymaths are the broad bandwidth thinkers who can see across cultural and technical boundaries to find meaning in new future combinations and the Guilds, the specialist capabilities that can facilitate those ideas once they have been envisioned. The designer as we know it is already an endangered species. What is a Service and what is a Product in the 21st Century is up for grabs...”  Richard Seymour

The responses to our questions in this feature in Curve Issue 40, are a must read - for anyone interested in the road ahead for designers and product design, worldwide. 

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