We partnered with Ita Buttrose chaired Reddo Media to develop and launch the all new Curve for iPad – now available for you to view on iTunes Newsstand. 

“Curve for iPad demonstrates that small Australian publishers can create exciting new products for the global market. It also shows that sophisticated subscriber systems to back them up are not beyond reach”, Buttrose said. “With the right model, a tablet magazine can reach new paying readers while also serving as an enticing value add for existing subscribers.”

Using your iPad, you can subscribe to Curve for iPad editions directly from iTunes Newsstand, or you can subscribe using our new Direct Entitlement model, direct from curvelive.com – giving you print editions, Curve for iPad access, and access to the online editorial archive in one subscription.

The integration of Direct Entitlement using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and Salesforce is an Australian first. This service was developed so that you can receive print, app and archive all in one subscription.

The sample edition of Curve for iPad on the Curve iTunes storefront shows you great 3D interactive content, and the first edition, Issue forty, expands on this even further. So take a look!

Now you can read Curve on your iPad as you work, travel and engage with technology, drill deep into Curve content and interact with images and 3D objects in Curve for iPad editions.

The first Curve for iPad edition is the landmark 40th edition of Curve.

It's a milestone edition and a big celebration of design - featuring predictions for our innovative future, from 20 leading designers and design commentators, highlighting the important directions design needs to take in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Sean Carney, the new chief design officer at Philips Design, talks about the new business focus for the Philips design team in an exclusive interview. The design guru behind the new Porsche 911 - Michael Mauer - reveals the story of design success, fame and fortune behind the car of dreams.

Finding Curve for iPad on iTunes Newsstand is easy - using your iPad - search for industrial design, or Curve industrial design magazine on the App Store.

Let us know what you think!

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