Vaska produce what they call “herbatergents”. Vaska see themselves as a green company with a green product range. Their mission is to create green laundry detergents that the general consumer can’t resist.

“We started our brainstorming for the retail launch of Vaska’s line of botanical laundry herbatergents, thinking we might follow European conventions and replace bottles with bags. But consumer research quickly revealed that Americans like their tough bottles,” Jochen Backs, principal at Studio Backs.

With surfactants posing material challenges, the best choice of material turned out to be a food-grade plastic, high-density polyethylene.  Most people in America know that this is the plastic used for their milk containers and they are already familiar with the ease of recycling of these.

“Packaging dematerialisation turned out not to be the area of our largest potential environmental impact for the Vaska bottles, when we learned that 90 per cent of the carbon footprint of detergent comes from heating the water used in washing machines,” said Backs.

“We discovered that an attractive green product, with a friendly message that inspires changing everyday habits, was a potent combination,” adds Backs.

Two bottle sizes were developed, in a range of soft, attractive colours. The graphic design for the Vaska range was managed by Tomorrow Partners.

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