Aimed to appeal to younger drivers, the Twizy, by Renault, will be available in 2 models.  The 5hp version will have a top speed limit of 45kph and is designed for unlicensed drivers (depending on the country), and the regular model with 17hp provides a top speed of 80kph.

The open bodywork of the Twizy features protective wing doors and a windscreen that extends over the top of the vehicle. The Twizy seats a maximum of 2 people, and safety features include an airbag, a four point seat belt in the front and a three-point belt in the rear.

With an emphasis on economy there is minimal instrumentation - a dial displays speed, the gear in use, battery capacity and range. A gauge shows energy consumption and energy recovered during braking.

A 31litre storage capacity boot in the rear and 10 litres of storage space in the front provide enough space for shopping and small luggage.

The Twizy is compact at 1.19 metres wide, 2.32 metres long, and 1.46 metres high. It weighs 450kg, including 100kg for batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries and a converter are located under the front seat. It takes three and a half hours to charge the Twizy on a regular household socket. Its maximum range will be 100km. The 45kph model will retail for €6990 and the license version from €7690.

Renault have teamed up with underground fashion twins Coco&Breezy from Minnesota in a promotional campaign to support the identity of the car using chic, youthful appeal. 

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