The new Golden Circle juice bottle was developed by Outerspace Design for Heinz Australia, in response to a need for differentiation on the overcrowded supermarket shelf.

After vigorous consumer research the design team found that few consumers saw any real difference between the various large juice bottles on the supermarket shelf - competing largely on price.

Their research also showed that many ergonomic improvements could be made to the design of the humble juice bottle.

Improvements that could vastly improve a consumer’s ability to interact with a bottle - from taking it off the store shelf, to lifting it from the bottom of the fridge door and finally tipping the bottle for pouring.

Since it's release late last year, the Golden Circle bottle has won 4 awards, including the Best of Show award at the Australian Packaging Awards late last year.

“This juice bottle keeps on winning. We call it the bottomless bottle,” says Michael Grima, Packaging Division Manager at Outerspace Design.

It’s most recent honour was to be included in the Powerhouse Museum Collection via the Australian International Design Awards.

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