Designed as a natural meeting place for people in a shared office building. An Oregon beam was sawn into 100 pieces and then reconstructed into a ring shape, with the direction of the woodgrain painstakingly matched and made to follow in the continuous circular shape.

A metal circular band was used to hold the 100 pieces together in the circle.

The Wood Ring was created as part of an installation by Chris Kabel for Tent and Witte de With, two institutions that share a common building. Each year the group invites a designer to design an installation for the only shared space in the building.

The ring’s shape, function and material have made it a relaxing and inclusive meeting place – that makes people feel like they are surrounded by an enormous tree.

The design is all about bringing people closer together, making people interact in the space, and has an almost nostalgic feel about it. Reminiscent of childhood - sitting in a circle on the floor at school telling stories.

Kabel claims that after stepping in to the Wood Ring to take a break, people have been opening up and having conversations with others like never before.

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