New Zealand company, Orca, based in Auckland, is a world-leader in the design-led innovation of swimming wetsuits and sports apparel for triathletes.

Launched from humble beginnings in 1992, from the boot of a car, by former New Zealand age group triathlon champion, Scott Unsworth, the company and brand is now internationally recognised for it's high-end wetsuit designs.

Matt Roberts, the chief designer at Orca, explains how an indepth knowledge of the needs of triathletes, and a close working relationship with world champions has meant that the design of Orca wetsuits has made it a favourite brand among the world's sporting elite.

Materials play an integral role in the design of Orca suits. Roberts explains how specific materials, patterns and features are chosen for each athletic discipline, to optimise performance.

Each wetsuit is designed to match the needs of a specific type of swimmer. The Orca Exo-Cell chest and leg panel systems demonstrate how buoyancy is sometimes a requirement in rough seas.

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