The concept awards showcase design concepts developed to a high professional standard.

Ideas and prototypes from all over the world, were entered this year - including entries from product manufacturers and design studios.

"The concept awards open minds, unlock the power of imagination, and provide new impulses,” says Peter Zec,  president of the red dot design award.

The concept awards give designers the opportunity to showcase their latest research and futuristic ideas.

This year there were three nominees for the red dot: luminary, which is the highest honour given in the concept awards program.

The nominees were -  the Frida Concept Robot by ABB from Sweden, the Wildfire Truck Concept by Morita Holdings Corporation from Japan, and Microbial Home by Philips Design, Netherlands. The Microbial Home concept won overall.

To find out more about Microbial Home - Curve subscribers will enjoy reading our February print edition of Curve, when we feature the intricate aspects of this amazing concept.

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