Held in the car-park of Melbourne’s Federation Square, the city design market claims to be “intelligently different” to others.

It’s all about design really, with a focus on homewares, lighting and fashion design, by a leading line-up of local and not-so local designers.

Two of the big attractions this year are predicted to be the porcelain tableware and lighting products by the Melbourne-based Mod Collective and fashion items by fashion design duo Samantha Avery and Pip Thompson.

The Mod Collective use a unique computer process to create the forms and beautiful patterns for their porcelain tableware, and their cups, bowls and beakers retain the texture left by the 3D printing process used to create them.

Each tableware piece is cast from coloured porcelain slip, and then glazed inside. Mod porcelain lights are made using the same process, and are hung from cloth cording.

And for the person who wants to keep warm in more than one way, a Three Way Cardigan, by  The Wolf and I, (aka Avery and Thompson) is worth considering.  www.melbournedesignmarket.com.au

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