As part of the Panasonic Chair in Environmental Sustainability initiative, the study has found seventy-five per cent of those surveyed considered environmental features before buying goods, but only twenty per cent actually purchased goods with green credentials.

Two thousand consumers were surveyed for the study. The research focused on purchasing behaviours for key electronics categories such as, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines and digital cameras.

Professor Tim Flannery, Panasonic Chair in Environmental Sustainability at Macquarie University, said, “Awareness of environmental issues is extremely high and our next challenge is to turn that into everyday action.”

“People are going to continue to purchase and use products such as consumer electronics and need to make sure they are making the best possible decisions.”

The study also found that eco features accounted for only 11- 20 per cent of purchase intent.

Intent most strongly mirrored purchasing behaviour in the sales of household appliances such as washing machines and televisions.

Eco values were most valued by the 18 - 24, and over 55 age groups. They were much less valued by 33 - 44 year olds.


Macquarie University

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