"The sensorial and visual properties of this hot water bottle completely change the role it plays in a room. From something that is often hidden, it is now an object you don't want to put away," says Droog co-founder and director, Renny Ramakers.

The hot water bottle has been revived in many forms and formats over the years. The humble 'hottie' almost always needs some sort of soft cover to stop the hot rubber surface from burning your feet.

This luxurious version addresses the need for a cover, and elevates a moribund product to dizzier heights. The curves and contours of the Too beautiful to hide water bottle are designed to fit the shape of the human body. The ridges on the surface help the bottle to stay warmer for longer.

Made from PVC and ABS with a flocked outer surface, that gives the bottle its soft feel, this alluring bed warmer has featured at various international design shows and exhibitions.

“The hot water bottle tends to be an underappreciated product. It has a beautiful function but an outdated appearance. I wanted to reflect the feeling the bottle gives you in the aesthetics of this product,” says the designer, Wendy Legro.

I don't think anyone would doubt, that Legro has managed to reflect this perfectly.

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