Designed by 10 of Australia’s top designers, the piggy banks are a quirky collection of objects and creatures - on show at Artisan in Brisbane.

Designer and curator, Alex Lotersztain explains, “Visitors to the exhibition will be able to vote for their favourite design with plastic coins. There will be an industry award to assist the development of one concept into production.”

Designers include Jason Bird, Neil Davidson, Jon Goulder, Surya Graf, Marc Harrison, Julian Munro, Cox Rayner Architects, Bjorn Rust, David Shaw and Shane Thompson.

David Shaw’s, Soft Underbelly expresses how difficult it can be to save. ”Mine is an unhappy pig that has been rolled over exposing its soft underbelly - to those constant demands for the need for instant access to cash!”

Jason Bird’s, Money Bone, for children, expresses how the concept of saving money is society’s way of rebuilding. “I wanted the money that was saved to be visible, allowing children to interact with their savings,” says Bird.

The more that is saved, the bigger the structure gets!

The Addi+ion piggy bank by Neil Davidson has a plus shaped money slot and overall shape. Once one layer is filled, the piggy bank grows and expands with extra layers, showing how your savings grow.

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