Kaj Franck was a leading figure in Finnish design and culture, and an influential figure in the design world. He was the artistic director for the Iittala Group and a lecturer at the College of Applied Arts in Finland, now the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

He was renowned for creating products that were simple, versatile, suitable for everyday use - yet beautiful.

Design Forum Finland is celebrating the work of Franck, with an exhibition. The Kaj Franck & Beyond exhibition is showcasing the present-day heritage of Franck's design philosophy with an installation by designer Terhi Tuominen.

The installation features Kaj Franck's Morning in Athens glass pendants which represent Franck's lesser known and more artistic work. The pendants are suspended and reflected in mirrors in the exhibition space. The reflections of exhibition visitors mingle with the pendants.

The Kaj Franck & Beyond exhibition is just one of the Kaj Franck events planned for 2011.

Design Forum Finland awards the Kaj Franck Design Prize every year to a designer or team of designers working in the spirit of Franck.

An exhibition of work, also at Design Forum Finland, by the nineteen designers who have been awarded the Kaj Franck Design Prize reflects the three main principles of Franck's design philosophy - clarity, functionality, versatility.

And to demonstrate just how important Franck is to Finnish design and culture, the Mint of Finland will release a collectable coin with the theme "Kaj Franck and Industrial Art".

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