Designer and author, Donald Roos says his biggest problem is having too much to do and too little time to do it. A common problem for designers and creatives. So he came up with the idea for his ‘ToDon’tList’ method.

The boxed Don’t/Do This game comes with 156 Don’t and Do cards. Do cards - What + Who + Why, define your project. When you add a set of Don’t cards - What + How + Why not. You have to try to come up with an idea or solution for your Do cards, within the rules of the Don’t cards.

You can play the game by yourself for inspiration or use it as a conversation starter with others, or play it in teams to find out who comes up with the most surprising solution. You can also use the Don’t cards to experiment with a project of your own creation. 

The Do and Don’t cards make people think differently than they normally would. In the beginning, the rules might feel like a big obstacle. But once the game starts, it becomes clear that limitations also present great possibilities.

Roos is an independent typographic designer, entrepreneur, and former lecturer at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands. He designs and creates movie titles for motion pictures and national television.

He says when you say “no” to one idea, you have more time to create another one. In other words, the more you subtract, the more focus and time you get.

Roos’ book titled Don’t Read This Book was all about time management for creative people and the new Don’t/Do This game are both based on his ToDon’tList method.

His book, Don't Read This Book, and the Don’t/Do This game for creative people are published by BIS Publishers. Another book due out soon from BIS Publishers is Roos’ To Don’t List: Creative Planning for Creative People
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