Since 1977 the negative Plagiarius award has been increasing awareness of design and product imitations worldwide. The registration deadline for this year’s awards is 30 November.

The Action Plagiarius grants negative awards for the Plagiarius competition at Ambiente in Germany, the world’s largest international consumer goods trade fair during an international press conference.

The awards are given to manufacturers and distributors the jury find are guilty of making or selling design imitations. In this very public award program, the Plagiarius competition works to inform the public, industry, politicians and consumers about the damage caused by fakes and plagiarisms.

Past award winners and imitators have withdrawn remaining stock, and signed cease and desist letters or revealed their suppliers.The Plagiarius award ceremony is held on the first day of Ambiente on 15 February , 2013.

All entries are exhibited in the first week of Ambiente and are then on permanent display in the Museum Plagiarius in Solingen, Germany.

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